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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  April 10, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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twister on the move. extreme storms through the midwest. this one caught on tape. today it could get worse. race to the top. the president marks a budget deal by making a surprise hike to the lincoln memorial. how tourists responded to that. and stunts gone wrong. ouch. thrills and skills caught on camera in a new special. we have a preview. plus, are you addicted? there may be such thing as a foodaholic. i'm richard louis in for alex witt. in the coming week president obama will lay out the long-term strategy to tackle the national debt. on "meet the press" david plough addressed the budget plan for 2012. >> certainly the president isn't going to support a lot of what's in the plan. >> any chance it gets passed? >> maybe the house.
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it won't become low. >> mike viqueira, is that setting the stang for another show down in the coming weeks? >> reporter: you better believe it. people can get confused. you have done a great job trying to explain it. it's three rounds. spending this year that was the deal from last night. they will cut $38.5 billion. then the long term national debt at $13.2 trillion. once it reaches $14.3 trillion congress has to act to raise the limit. republicans say we won't do it without a fight over reducing spending. they have put forward a plan that made dramatic and controversial changes to medicare, considered one of the long term drivers of the debt. medica medicaid, the tax system on down the line. the white house attacked the plan. the question is what is your plan, mr. president. apparently on wednesday we hear a tweet from the communications
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adviser a few minutes ago. the president plan as major presentation of ideas to bring down the national debt and round three, to confuse matters more is the budget for next year. plouffe on "meet the press" today. he's a senior adviser to the president. he was talking about how they got along and came to an agreement over the course of the tense hours on friday morning into friday evening. the literal 11th hour agreement to keep the government from shutting down and hopefully it will portend well for other budget fights to come. let's listen. >> obviously things got heated. the president's approach was to try to encourage parties to come together, not get engaged in the political spitball fight. we have divided government. it was the first real test of it. i think trust was built between the president, vice president, senate majority leader. hopefully this can be a model
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going forward. >> reporter: if you are keeping score at home the deal struck friday night for spending this year expected to pass congress, the house and senate on wednesday. thursday, they take up the fight for next year's spending bill with dramatic reductions proposed. on wednesday, the major address on the president's vision for reducing the long-term debt of this country. >> i hate to be a glass half full guy here, but is there a possibility that the 2011 will not get passed this week? >> reporter: there is a possibility. let's not think about it. >> all right. >> reporter: procedurally there have been some conservatives who have expressed reservations about this. they can't do anything in the house. in the senate, any one senator can raise his hand and muck up the works. >> i won't say it one more time in the next two hours. >> reporter: people are alreadier confused and frustrated. >> you can catch the full interview with the senior white
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house adviser and house budget chairmanle paul ryan on msnbc. in minnesota, a tense situation is unfolding as melting snow caused the red river to rise this week leading to flooding and fog in neighboring moorhead, minnesota. so far sandbagging has helped protect homes and business. what does the river look like today? are we seeing recession? >> reporter: we have seen the crest along the red river. it is still very high. the fourth highest level it's been, richard. you can see how bad it is. in moorhead, this tells the story. you can see the bridge in downtown moorhead. soon it will be close to the road. that's an indicator of how high the water is. people here are not terribly
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concerned. they have had major flooding the last three years and learned important lessons through that experience. the biggest is how to fight this flood. this river is notorious for flooding. the area is very flat and the snow melt that you mentioned does cause problems along the river every year. people learned a few thing things. the biggest is to prepare early. that's what fargo did this year. is it t 12,000 volunteers worked for two months to fill 2.5 million sandbags. they were ready when they put them on the banks last week. those are lining both fargo, north dakota and moorhead, minnesota. that's protecting a lot of homes and businesses along the river. in addition they have built clay levees to up the level of the banks so they are prepared for a high water mark. we saw the crest just over 38 feet. they have seen 41.
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they know we are getting more rain and the snow melt will continue but they feel ready to handle the rising water. >> janel, great work watching that live for us and the 39-foot crest. in iowa, frightening moments for a town where a tornado touched down this. looks like a movie. the twister striking yesterday about 7:20 p.m. local time in mapleton. it destroyed several downtown buildings and flattened a grain elevator. it tore the roof off the local high school. a nurse said three people were treated for minor injuries but no one was seriously hurt. another tornado in a nearby town causing minor damage as well. from the brutal iowa storms to flooding in fargo, the worst may not be over yet. it's shaping up to be another day of wild weather. let's get the details from alex wall at the weather channel. you have a little bit of a focus on the midwest.
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>> absolutely. upper midwest and further south and eastbound through the next 24 to 48 hours thanks to the storm system moving through the plains, heading through the upper midwest. we have seen storms this morning that packed a punch moving across minnesota, wisconsin an lower michigan. we have heavy downpours and lightning strikes moving across northern portions of lower michigan. we'll get a break, time to recover before things start to light up this afternoon. here's the set-up. here's the storm system and area of low pressure. we have moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. moisture will not be a problem. we have an upper level system racing in. that's going to add extra umph for the storms to get going headed into the afternoon. a large area shaded in red.
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particularly in the upper midwest, great lakes region. that's where we have the risk for tornadoes. farther south, straight line damaging winds will be a threat along with hail. in toward the overnight hours into monday, that will work its way toward parts of the northeast and the southeast as well. active for us. this big zone, big storms following. ahead of that it's heat we are dealing with. record potential heat across the south. the masters final round. that will be a hot one. temperatures getting into the lower 90s. heat and storms. that's what we are following. >> maybe the heat will help tiger. appreciate that, alex wallace. thank you. talking about weather, huge hail in the carolinas. violent storms unleashed the baseball-sized hail in parts of north carolina and south carolina. people sent hundreds of pictures to local tv stations showing giant hail that landed at the home. that's how big they are.
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a new video from japan showing the tsunami hitting the fukushima nuclear power plant. this video was taken the day of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that triggered the tsunami. in that focused area you see tokyo electric power company released the images saying this massive wave was likely 45 to 48-feet high, five stories. wow. meanwhile, one of the world's largest concrete water pumps designed here in the united states is on its way to japan. this thing can be operated up to two miles away by remote control making it possible to pump water into the damaged nuclear reactors as crews try to cool them down. they are at a farther distance from what could be a dangerous area in that part of japan. sidney lumet was a world war ii veteran who grew to be one of the most highly regarded
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directors in u.s. cinema. he died at home saturday at age 36. he was as prolific as he was talented. his first movie "12 angry men" was a classic. he directed more than 40 other feature films over 50 years including "dog day afternoon," "serpico," "network." he made his hometown a character in his films showing new york in all its glory. he drew classic performances from his actors who were nominated for 17 actors. lumet was nominated for five academy awards and took home a lifetime achievement oscar in 1985. he was 86 years old. thrill seekers are learning the hard way all that excitement can be a little dangerous. we seal how you stunts that went terribly wrong as a preview to a caught on camera special. more on the budget fight and what it could cost the middle
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new word from a top administration official as washington moves from one budget battle to another. on "meet the press" senior white house adviser david plouffe offered a grim announcement. >> the congressional republican plan for instance would give the average millionaire a $200,000 tax cut while asking more of the middle class.
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the average senior would pay $6,000 more for health care. it cuts our energy investments at a time we are dealing with high gas prices by 70%. so we are not going to sign on with that approach. >> karen finney is a political analyst and former communications director for the dnc, robert trainham hosts roll call tv and hosts on the comcast network. is this what we'll hear for the next few weeks and is it sellable? >> yes, because republicans and democrats came together to make lipstick out of -- nothing. >> that sounds tough, those numbers. $200,000 and $6,000 more for seniors. >> look. everybody has to make concessions here, a sacrifice. we are in a horrific situation now when it comes to the budget. what republicans and democrats have done is come together to make something out of nothing. >> karen, we're talking about
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congressman stutzman and he said it is going to be tough. maybe he hasn't got the talking points or is reflecting the tea party. >> a little bit of both. everyone knows the majority of americans want congress to come together. on the talking point you noticed this week, we're not talking shut down, of course we'll compromise. at the same time there are strong disagreements. that's part of what david was talking about. democrats believe you don't start by asking the middle class to sacrifice more when they have sacrificed so much already. that's where there will be tension. there is an agreement to cut spending but how we get there is where the fight will be. >> robert, do you think chapter two, because we just finished chapter 1, we are talking the debt and 2012 budget. we look at chapters two and three. it still does seem though when you look at the numbers -- seniors having to pay $6,000
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more. i hate to go back but that's what folks at home are thinking. this will be a tough chapter two. >> no question about it. this will be a tough chapter two. we all have to make sacrifices. that's what the president said and what speaker boehner said. but is it fair for the american middle class or lower middle class, the working poor to have more of the burden than opposed to the rich? that's not the case. >> do you think it's a starting point? >> i do. >> part of the problem with the budget ryan put on the table is it's not fair. it doesn't do that. it says let's give more tax breaks to the rich and on medicare and medicaid it's not reform. it's cost shifting. when you get the devil in the details there is not real reform. you are saying to the middle class, you need to sacrifice more. >> essentially it looks like they are saying, okay, the federal government will say this is all we are going to pay and the rest is put on the state. that's not reforming the system
10:19 am
and program. we're shifting the burden of figuring it out, the you're on your own strategy is back. >> the congressional budget office, the white house and congressional republicans all say we cannot continue sustain spending. if we do the nation will go bankrupt. so the question becomes where do you cut? to your point, yes. if you will push that money to the states what's going to happen? states have to raise taxes. so there has to be a happy medium in between. >> so -- >> i think we are going down a road where there is a healthy conversation. >> i hope you're right. >> say there is a healthy conversation. what will the democrats agree to? >> i think the democrats are looking at -- you know, again, we can't do it on the backs of poor people and the middle class. we may have to say to the oil companies that are enjoying nice profits now you know, you have to pay your fair share. the president will say, there are people like me. we can afford to pay more.
10:20 am
we need to do our share. that's where democrats will be coming from. we totally agree there need to be cuts. how and where we do it is where there is a disagreement. >> will that $200,000 cut be something you will agree to? >> i'm not a policy maker, but to karen's point and everyone's point if people are doing better than the average person out there they should be able to pay more in taxes. no question about it. >> you're saying we have to. we owe a lot of money. we have to change the way we have operated. >> we all have to change. >> karen, you agree? >> we're all going to have to change. >> we all have to make sacrifices. no question about it. >> healthy conversation. thank you both. robert and karen, thank you so much. >> thanks. >> a surprising theory about who may be leaving bodies on a beach in new york. new information on the long island serial killings, but first can people become addicted to food? [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight
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police and firefighters in orange county, florida, came to the rescue after a group of baby ducks got stuck in a storm drain. police say the ducklings fell through the holes of a drainage gate. mama duck supervised while four firefighters used a lift to raise the heavy metal grate. mama was probably pacing. then after help from a pool fishing net the nine ducklings were freed and were on their way. that's our nice sunday morning story. new details on the royal wedding guest list. the big day is less than three weeks away. some of the names prince william and kate middleton included may surprise you. keis simil keir simmons has more on that and i think there will be some exes there. >> reporter: that's right. deciding who to invite and who not to invite can be tricky. the invitations from william and
10:25 am
kate's personal lives have people talking this morning. >> reporter: ticket to the social event of the decade. but kate and william's choice of guests is raising eyebrows. there are the celebrities like david beckham and his fashionable wife victoria, madonna's former husband guy richie and the rowan atkinson. many are people they are not close to or may not know. whatever you think about ale royal wedding it's predecided and is basically a networking business venture. the royal family invite people you wouldn't necessarily know. why would they know a king or whatever. >> reporter: there will be many old friends in attendance and former flames. there are tickets for william's ex-girlfriends including jecka craig, his first love and arabella mus grave and some young men said to have been close to kate in the past.
10:26 am
then invitations for kate's parents and of course the queen. >> who would have thought she had that many friends. i assume it's because the queen is on facebook. maybe she's been poking people. >> reporter: in a few weeks all will attend perhaps the hottest party of their lives. william and kate are said to be erecting a nightclub inside buckingham palace for a royal knees-up after the ceremony. only the most privileges will get to see it. now, guests at the evening entertainment include the queen and the duke of edinborough but it is thought they will leave after dinner to, quote, along the young ones to party. guess who sha guests who share in the past. >> madonna may have been invited if she hadn't divorced guy richie. >> she might have been there. >> thrill seeking that comes at a heavy price. see some major skills.
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on the horizon in washington whether to raise the debtle ceiling and prevent the government from defaulting on loans. the subject was on "meet the press" this morning and extending the credit line would only come with major spending cuts. take a listen. >> tim geithner has been saying he wants this stand alone debt ceiling increase. we have never been in favor of this. we believe accompanying any debt ceiling you need real fiscal reforms, spending cuts and controls going forward so we can deal with the debt in the future. the debt ceiling is hitting $14 trillion because of past spending. we want to make sure we don't have this problem in the future. >> will there be specific cuts in place? >> i think that's what we are looking for. i don't want to get into the negotiations, but real spending
10:31 am
cuts and controls. caps on spending going forward to take pressure off the debt and get this country on the right fiscal path. >> what's to think we won't be right back to where we were this week when the bigger fight over bigger numbers comes to pass. >> i think there will be a negotiation and, yes, it probably will go up to a deadline. it's movinging deadline, not date certain like the government shut down. our strategy isn't to default. it's to get spending under control. >> catch the full interview with david gregory on msnbc. we'll bring you "meet the press" at 2:00 p.m. eastern. democrats and republicans both claiming victory after reaching an agreement to fund the government. president obama signed it into law. on "meet the press" this morning david plouffe stressed compromise. here's what he said. >> the president came together with republicans and democrats on behalf of the country, led an effort to cut taxes. now we have come together to cut
10:32 am
spending. i think it should give us confidence moving forward. >> with me now is republican congressman from michigan mike rogers. thanks for stopping by. paul ryan said we'll probably see a lot of what we just experienced in the past week, up to a deadline. is that what you want? >> clearly, no. we would like this worked outs up front but there are two philosophical battles going on. one says we better get a handle on the debt and deficit or it will ruin the next general asian of americans and their ability to inherit a bankruptcy. or we're going to do something proactively. what you here was i think my democratic colleagues have grabbed on and said a dollar in cuts is equivalent to people dying in the streets. that disconnect from real america is what you see fighting out in washington and is likely to have the same impact going
10:33 am
into the debt ceiling. >> as we look at 2012 as well as what was agreed upon that push it is burden to the states. as the states take on more of the burden will that make it more difficult? you're facing a lot of challenges in your state. >> tons. but the biggest is the fact that this government will pay $450 billion just in interest payments this year. the whole budget for michigan is $50 billion. we've got to stop doing that. we don't have a revenue problem here. we have a spending problem in washington, d.c. so if we don't get a handle on it, we're doing more harm to a state like michigan's ability to recover. it puts pressure on a small business's ability to borrow money. all that's happening at the same time. if you want to unleash the small business the ability get out and and hire people and create a strong economy we have to get out of the way in washington, d.c. >> in talking about spending
10:34 am
here, as we know the auto bailout was very debatable, controversial. however, you are now seeing a strong response there from the big three which many people are now enjoying and appreciate seeing. however that was part of the spending. as the government invests more into government spending, the flow-through seems to have worked at least in that case at this point and the flow-through could help more as we look at the economy. >> i couldn't disagree more. the whole t.a.r.p. funding, which i opposed and i'm a michigan fwu, subsidized bad behavior on wall street. when you look at the car companies. they took a loan which they said they would pay back which is a different circumstance. it wasn't the loan itself. what happened with the big three is they had a product development line that started five years prior to all of this that they had to get online. those are the cars americans are buying t. loan didn't do anything to force an american to
10:35 am
walk into a show room to put money on the hood and say, that's a good-looking car and i'm taking it home. that changed in the american auto industry within the last five years. that has been remarkable. that wasn't done by washington, d.c. it was done by engineers and designers and real innovators on what the car business is going to look like in the future. they use the opportunity to get leaner, more efficient. they can do two cars on one line now which they couldn't do even five years ago. that's led to a prosperous auto company. we shouldn't take it away from the entrepreneurs and the businessmen and women who did it. >> you have the volt coming out as well. >> yep. >> so when we look at michigan we look at the entire country. one situation you have to deal with in washington, d.c. is the tea party. balancing the needs from the right. would you see this turning out
10:36 am
to be a better conversation going forward in chapterers two and three as we have been saying all morning? >> yeah. i have to tell you, i have showed up at the tea party rallies. one of them, i know, was started by a group of women who were cancer survivors who became absolutely concerned about what this health care bill was going to do to them. these aren't right wing radical people. they are concerned people who understand they have to pay their bills at the end of the month. they keep saying again and again. this was the radical agenda. i have been to a bunch in michigan. they invited me to come in. it was stop spending money you don't have. you are stealing from my children. that's what the message was to washington, d.c. that's not radical. the problem is there is a bunch of entrenched washington, d.c. insiders who really do believe that you can't take one dollar away from washington, d.c. or some catastrophic event is
10:37 am
happening. what we see happening is real people with real concerns who have cut down on their own families saying, hey, we want you to do the same thing. $450 billion in interest payments alone to places like china and oil producing countries is not helping the future of this country. so that's the friction you're seeing. i don't think this is a right wing or radical or any of those things. it's actually common sense. we're just going to have to poll washington, d.c. along to the rest of america, i think. >> i have interviewed some of those from the tea party in nid west. they are a divorce group. congressman rogers, thanks for stopping by. i hope your constituents stay dry. lots of rain coming there. >> good for agriculture. >> this guy's thinking positive. for more on what lies ahead, head to and for the weather, too. we have footage of the tsunami hitting fukushima's
10:38 am
nuclear power plant. see the thid voe taken after the massive earthquake. officials say the wave that hit the power plant was likely 45 to 48 feet high. crews continue working to cool the reactors and stop radiation spewing from the plant. in the u.s. the number of states impacted by radiation spewing from the plant is rising. look at this map. at least 16 states across the country have detected tiny amounts of radiation. health officials have been quick to say the amounts are so small they pose no risk to human health. joining me live is dr. harold hastings from the fizz physics department at hoffstra university. >> thank you very much. >> 16 states across the union. should we worry? >> we should not. we live with radiation all the time. the detectors are extremely
10:39 am
sensitive. we can detect levels of radiation well below the change you would get simply moving from new york to denver, colorado, 5,000 feet higher in the air. >> i'm looking at a statistic from purr due that says the radiation leak from fukushima is 20% more than what's being reported by officials. what do you think? >> i don't know what the numbers are. i really can't comment on it. >> do you believe the reports are coming from the japanese government and from the power company itself have been reliable from what you have seen in the past? >> i would like to have more confidence in the reports. they are trying their best to report accurately. it's a difficult thing to measure if the levels are different in one place than another. i would say the difference is not a large difference in view of the fact that you're talking about numbers that range over 1,000 or more from sort of
10:40 am
background radiation to the highest levels reported. this may be entirely consistent. it may be a way people look at the statistics. >> will we see more states affected across the country as time goes by? it looks like the three reactors remain in doubt. >> we'll see more states having trace amounts detected of radiation. again, i'll remind you the detectives are sensitive. people receiving certain medical tests, for example, trigger radiation detectives at airports though the levels they receive are entirely safe for them and are levels that they do not advise they stay away from their children. we have superb detectors. we should monitor it carefully. we monitor small amounts of radiation whether in the air or water to protect our safety and the ability to monitor at levels well be llow the levels you geto
10:41 am
board an airplane to fly to europe. it's important for health but it doesn't pose a risk just because we can detect it. >> just because we can detect it doesn't mean it ooh es a risk. thank you so much for stopping by to give us some understanding on that. >> thank you very much. >> the libyan government continues to allege conquest over rebel fighterers. the most recent, the shoot down of two u.s.-built helicopters. they were knocked out of the sky over the disputed oil city of brega. that report is not confirmed. rebel forces fired toward ang ajdabiya today. gadhafi continues to elude efforts to overthrow him. appearing on state tv for the first time in two weeks, nbc's stephanie gosk joins us live with the latest on the fighting. by seeing gadhafi on tv what's the reaction on the ground to that?
10:42 am
>> reporter: here in ajdabiya they are so cut off all they are focused on is the fighting. it was a fierce battle today in town. we heard artillery, gun fire. there was thick black smoke above town. now we are hearing that gadhafi loyalists have pulled out of the city. whether they were forced out by rebel troops or not is unclear, but the rebels are taking it as a victory. we have seen convoy after convoy of rebel troops passing us, shooting up in the air in victory. nato has increased the number of air strikes and they have taken out 25 of gadhafi's tanks in and around the city of misrata and here in ajdabiya. misrata was besieged for weeks and they say the air strikes may leave yat pressure on the rebels in that town. >> what's the sense in terms of who is ahead now? who has the net gain?
10:43 am
when we spoke an hour, hour and a half ago we dived into the issue of a stalemate. if it is a stalemate, who is ahead now? >> it's definitely a back and forth thing as far as the front line and eastern libya is concerned. the battle in misrata is just getting worse and worse for people who live in the city. they are running out of food and water. people are being killed there. what's happened here in this part of the country is that there was a lot of momentum when this uprising began in the city of benghazi which fell to the rebels and ajdabiya as well. they seized control of this entire portion of the country quickly. then all of the sudden they were pushed back. they faced resistance and the progress west, they want to go to tripoli. that's slowedle substantially. even with the air strikes that gave them room to breathe it's not moving at the pace they wanted for the young rebel
10:44 am
fighters who are extremely enthusiastic. there is momentum. they have lost momentum, the rebel forces. gadhafi's perfectly willing -- for a while. >> thank you, stephanie gos b live in libya watching the back and forth between the rebels and the gadhafi-supported troops. how a brutal attack at a baseball game is making many fans wonder if they are safe in the stadium. first, can food be as addicting as drugs? why so many of us overeat. you know when the times are tough, the tough get gorgeous. smart beauty is about looking your best and never overpaying for it. you know, if something is expensive that doesn't mean that it's a must have. pantene can get you to healthy hair. no brand is customized like pantene. for fine, thick, curls and color. pro-v formulas provide every strand with what it needs for results you'll love guaranteed.
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an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. good morning, students. today we're gonna continue...
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10:48 am
a preview. >> reporter: it's december 2005. high flying gymnast nicole lev is loobing forward to her team's home show and a special night at her high school in portland, tennessee. >> the home show is definitely the biggest show of the year. but this was sort of what we prepared for all year. so excitement is pretty high. >> reporter: the team has a surprise finale in store that night. the famed russian swing. >> all week before the show during practice i had been leaving a little bit early so i was going straight up. >> reporter: on the night of the show nicole is determined not to repeat the mistake she made in practice. she takes off and does a single back tuck but overcompensates. >> i went too far the other way. i waited too long and i pushed really hard. it sent me more horizontal than vertical. >> reporter: with no crash mat
10:49 am
to break her fall nicole hits the ground hard. >> it happened very fast. i pushed off. i don't remember if i thought, oh, i've gone too far and when i hit the ground it knocked me out instantly. >> you can watch "caught on camera: thrills and spills" tonight at 8:00 eastern on msnbc. time for a little tv experiment. take a look at this video. mm-hmm. yeah. sugar! looks good. so can you resist that or are you on your way to the kitchen? the temptation may be greater than you realize. researchers showed people milk shakes, cookies and it lit up the same parts of the brain activated when drug addicts see cocaine. i'm joined by wendy walsh, human behavior expert. i did kind of like that picture. i'm a cookie fan. is food addictive at the level that we were just saying?
10:50 am
>> in some people it is. we know certainly that some people use drugs and never become addicted. some people try cigarettes and never become addicted. some become addicted to food. there are reward centers in the brain being activated the same as a drug addict. what's interesting is only by the sight of it. it's the craving piece that's activated. when you eat the sugar, if you go for the cookie, you will want more because the reward centers didn't become as activated as consuming as it did by thinking about i it. >> some people say, duh, yeah, of course i like to eat. what's the difference between addiction and just liking to eat? >> we define addiction as causing dysfunction in your life where you are thinking about procuring it, whether sex, drugs, alcohol or food and you are changing your life to circle it around food. the saddest thing about eating disorders, the hardest thing for
10:51 am
people is it is like a drug addiction, but you have to go to the fridge and walk the tiger three times a day. can you imagine telling a heroine addict you can have three hits for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but that's it. >> it can be serious for some. food advertisers probably know this already. how do they approach it? >> they approach it by stimulating your visual sensors so those reward centerers are activated. how often have we sat in front of the television after a big meal, full, and we see the ads and before we know it we have gone to get a snack. it's working subliminally. my suggestion is if you are aware these trigger times happen, do cognitive therapy. promise to take a walk. read a book, meditate. do something away from media or food if you are being stimulated by it. >> when the weather is good we can do more of that like behind
10:52 am
you which looks fantastic in los angeles today. wendy, thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. officials float a chilling theory on a series of serial killings in new york. heartburn happens when stomach acid refluxes into the esophagus. prilosec otc uses a unique delayed-release system that protects the medicine as it passes through the stomach's tough acid. then it gets absorbed into the body, turning off many acid-producing pumps at the source. with just one pill a day, you get 24-hour heartburn protection all day and all night. prilosec otc. heartburn gone. power on. prilosec otc. the best approach to food is to keep it whole for better nutrition. that's what they do with great grains cereal. they steam and bake the actual whole grain while the other guy's flake is more processed. mmm. great grains. the whole whole grain cereal. ben and his family live on this block. ben's a re/max agent, and he's a big part of this community.
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defense secretary robert gates met with troops in iraq and the prime minister of the country. soldiers in baghdad took photos with the secretary and got to ask questions. during the trip he met with nouri al malle -- mall can i. forces royal to the ivory coast's leader attacked the headquarters. he lost the election last year. police in northern ireland defused a bomb left in a van. they suspect it was left by
10:56 am
dissident republicans opposed to the 1998 peace agreement. big news from the white house this morning on what could be the next budget battle. how going to a ball game could turn violent if you're wearing the wrong team's uniform. and tiger woods is trying to make a comeback, but i don't know. the latest efforts fall short. we have the latest. i can't get rid of these weeds, or these nasal allergies.
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next on msnbc sunday, in the path of peril. a massive tornado powered through a small mid western town with fury, but folks are thankful this morning. it could have been worse. also your tax dollars at stake. president obama promising a plan this week on how to save more money. and walloping your wallet. what's fuelling the dramatic gas price increases? and tiger woods wants to snap a losing streak but needs lucky strokes at the masters. welcome to


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